How Google+ Got its Groove Back

When Google+ first launched, I hustled my way to get an early invite so that I could grope the shiny UI touches like circles, and oogle the sexy tech features like Hangouts, but up until now, I haven't been an active user of Google+, preferring to rely on my established networks of friends on Facebook, and news and industry knowledge on twitter, but when I saw  the Google+ Hacker News circle, I added myself and followed the circle, realizing it was an awesome, immediate way to tap into the thoughts of the most interesting network on the web

Today, however, I realized that the value of the circle had increased exponentially with the launch of Search plus Your World, adding a layer of magic, it-just-works utility to Google+ that Facebook and twitter just cant match.  Paired with the right network, Google+ now powers the most powerful and natural curated search out there, surfacing vetted results from your network (you'll need to be a member of Google+ and be logged in in order to see the change).

The service just rolled out, and Google+ is still a fairly young network, but based on my initial impressions I really think this is a brilliant play that 1) elegantly solves a need lots of users have, 2) takes Google+ beyond a defensive strategy against facebook and twitter, and 3) doesnt feel too creepy or big-brotherish.