How to hack the Verizon iPhone website for business delivery.

It's 12:00 in the morning, and my alarm just rudely awakend me from a much needed nap after a 36 hour product release sprint so that I wouldn't miss the Verizon iPhone preorder. All I want to do is preorder my damn iPhone and go back to sleep, but after 3 re-trys at submitting the form, and 10 minutes staring at the page to make sure I'm not hallucinating from sleep deprivation, I am convinced that there really isn't a damn field on this form to specify a "Company Name."

Finally convinced that the problem was Verizon's site, not my lack of sleep, I took a look at the code and immediately found the problem-- the "idShipBusinessName" field was simply set to "display:none"

All I had to do was simply remove-the "display:none" using developer tools in Chrome and boom: "Business Name" field shows up.

I resubmitted the form, finished pre-ordering the phone, then passed out and slept like a baby, feeling both stoked about having an iPhone on the way, and pretty smug about outsmarting Verizon's shoddy QA.

P.S. Verizon: if you're anticipating millions of people logging in to buy your product, you should probably test all the scenarios.

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