An Inside Look at Kaiser Permanente's Award Winning EHR System

Lets play a game called: "Guess which link contains the actual details of my health plan."

Solving that one took clicking through half a dozen dead end links (some of which literally have no content to display).

Another fun one came up recently when I attempted to make an appointment with my doctor after I dislocated my shoulder. When I attemped to schedule a same day appointment, I got an error message:

That seemed reasonable, so I expanded the search to a week, and got an error message:

Perplexed, I expaned the search to three weeks, and got an error message:

Obviously, I had a time-sensitive problem and needed to be seen, so I called the appointment line, where the opperator informed me that my doctor was on vacation for the month, so obviously that's why I couldn't schedule the appointment. She then booked me an appointment with another doc, and then cheerfully reminded me that in the future I could perform most simple tasks such as appointment booking using the online portal. Too bad Kaiser's system doesn't make it visible when a doctor is on vacation, and even if they did, it's not possible (as far as I have been able to discern) to schedule appointments with other doctors without a referral. 

Here's one last example of award-winning HIT system design.

Yes, Kaiser my email changed, so the one you have is the right one. Who writes this stuff?